Ningbo huabao plastic mould co., LTD., founded in 1992, started for the plastic mold design and manufacturing, after more than 20 years of development, has now become a diversified modern enterprise, has more than 700 employees, warburg mould, warburg, warburg hardware plastic, warburg, warburg motor five industries, has formed a research and development, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, spraying, printing, ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, hot melt, sculpture, the assembly function complete industrial chain. With haier, nine Ann, 3 m, whirlpool and other well-known brands at home and abroad to establish a strategic cooperative partnership, the main production of rice cooker, intelligent robot sweeps the floor, water bottle, ice water machine, tape dispenser, etc.

In the future, huabao shares will continue to adhere to the spirit of "integrity, innovation, efficiency and win-win", welcome the vast number of job seekers to join us, hand in hand, sincere cooperation, create brilliant!

Project engineer Interview
Education:College or above majorDepartment:R&D centerUpdate time:2018-07-13
Number of Hiring:2Gender:No coupleJob area:Liyang
Pay packets:Interview
Job postings:
1. College degree or above, major in mold design and manufacturing, mechanical integration, etc
2. Strong communication skills and self-development
3. Fresh graduates are ok
Inspector 4000-5000
Education:High school degree or above Department:Warranty centerUpdate time:2018-07-13
Number of Hiring:2Gender:No coupleJob area:Liyang
Pay packets:4000-5000
Job postings:
1. High school degree or above
2. More than one year working experience;
3. Can use measuring tools, such as caliper depth gauge and understand drawings
Buziness manager 5000-9000
Education:College degree or aboveDepartment:Marketing centerUpdate time:2018-07-13
Number of Hiring:2Gender:No coupleJob area:Liyangt
Pay packets:5000-9000
Job postings:
1. College degree or above, major in international economy and trade is preferred;
2. Cet-4, good command of spoken English, good command of oral communication is preferred;
3. Responsible for developing and maintaining the market, and completing the target according to the annual sales plan.
4. Excellent fresh graduates can also be cultivated.
Mold design 5000-10000
Education:No limitDepartment:R&D centerUpdate time:2018-07-13
Number of Hiring:2Gender:No coupleJob area:Ninghai
Pay packets:5000-10000
Job postings:
1. Strong sense of responsibility, communication, negotiation and coordination ability
2. Independently design plastic injection mold
3. Skilled in using design software, preferably as a designer in the household appliance industry.
Tool Maker 6000-8000
Education:No limitDepartment:Mold factoryUpdate time:2018-07-13
Number of Hiring:3Gender:manJob area:Ninghai
Pay packets:6000-8000
Job postings:
5 years experience in injection mould manufacturing
Work place: no. 295 danshu road, ninghai county industrial and commercial college

Take six days off, including five insurances, meal allowance, annual leave, birthday benefits, rent allowance, holiday gifts, paid leave, etc. Other staff canteen, dormitory, meilin to liyang factory car transport (route: meilin - shijiazhuang - shijia ao -4S- huashan - liyang)

Address of meilin factory: front of meilin street, ninghai county (direct to China bus in the direction of shenzhen Dali) Address of ninghai factory: no. 809, danshu road, ninghai mould city (no. 117 bus no.); Address of liyang factory: no. 2, Xinqiao road, ninghai liyang

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