Years have passed, and time has passed. The 2019 Huabao Group's annual appraisal and commendation campaign has come to a successful conclusion. Looking back, it is filled with emotion.

In 2019, a group of “excellent workers, outstanding employees, advanced employees, outstanding managers” and “double-creation individuals” and “advanced collectives” emerged in our company. Their former sweat and joy are still shining like the stars The light, with their responsibility and responsibility, has formed an enterprising, pragmatic and innovative corporate culture. Of course, they are just many excellent representatives of Huabao.

There are many colleagues around us who “like to insist on self-righteousness, persist in learning, and innovate”. In fact, every position in Huabao has its meaning, and every effort and struggle has its value.

Farewell to 2019, we will stand at a new starting point. Looking forward to 2020, we are full of ideals and passions. Colleagues, let us join hands and use the working style of "honest and trustworthy, proactive and responsible, dedicated" to " Adhere to the core values of self-righteousness, learning, and innovation; oppose self-righteousness, self-satisfaction, and old-fashioned core values, and devote to the work of the new year. "Happiness" mission, and struggle!